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Wyoming has a population of just over half a million people - and, it's a pretty big state. That should help form some picture of what Wyoming is all about: lots of wide, open spaces.

I've always gravitated towards what might be called the "B-List" destinations. So in a place like Wyoming, while everyone else heads to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons, I tend to stay more towards the less traveled regions.

That's what this gallery is all about.

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Adobe Town RimAdobe Town Rim, Red DesertAdobe Town Rim, Red DesertAdobe Town Rim, Red DesertAntelope, Iron Mountain Road, WyomingBaggsBaggsBear Creek, WyomingBest Friends and Pica HuntersBest Friends No.2-Wind River RangeBest Friends No.4-Wind River RangeBetween Harriman and Granite Wyoming (2015)Blue Star Spring, Yellowstone National Park, WyomingBoar's Tusk, Red Desert, WyomingBoars Tusk, Sweetwater County, WyomingBossler, WyomingBrush Creek, Snowy RangeBuffalo Plateau, Yellowstone National Park, WyomingBuffalo Plateau, Yellowstone National Park, WyomingBuford, Wyoming