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Who knows why we like what we like? For whatever reason - Ilford's Delta line of black and white films are what I find the most satisfying to shoot. In my early years with Delta I did not understand how to manage its contrast properties and found myself time and again unhappy with how it rendered what I had seen through the viewfinder.

But I didn't give up on it.

I saw Delta's potential to record my vision in a way no other film could and kept working with it. Today I feel I understand it better than any other black and white film - and understand how to communicate with it.

Though I consider myself primarily a color photographer, there are scenes we run across that absolutely beg to be recorded in monochrome. As with other mediums of creativity, we're partners - Delta and I. 100, 400 and even 3200 have become faithful companions in the difficult process of transferring what I see into what others can see.

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New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico (2014)Canyon Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico (2014)Cracked Curb and Leaves, Santa Fe, New Mexico (2014)Cowboys and Indians, Canyon Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico (2014)Fort Collins, Colorado (2014)Santa Fe, New Mexico (2014)Saint Francis Cathedral, Santa Fe, New Mexico (2014)Lincoln's Union by Charles Collins, Taos, New Mexico (2014)Saint Francis Cathedral, Santa Fe, New Mexico (2014)Bridget Law, Elephant Revival (2014)Fort Collins, Colorado (2014)Sage T. Cook, Elephant Revival (2014)The Subdudes, New West Fest, Fort Collins, Colorado (2014)Fort Collins, Colorado-Daniel Rodriguez, Elephant Revival (2014)Fort Collins, Colorado-Dango Rose, Elephant Revival (2014)La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico (2014)Canyon Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico (2014)Arizona (2008)