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I love Chicago and everything about it. The people, the Bears, the food, the architecture, the culture, the museums, the sports, the Bears, the food, the festivals, the shopping, the skyline, the Lake, the Bears, the food, the energy, the sophistication, Michigan Avenue, Lake Shore Drive, the Bears, the food, Wrigley Field, Millenium Park, Soldier Field, The Bean, Comiskey Park, the churches, the Bears, the food, the pilgrimage to Calumet Photo...

Every trip back to the Windy City a highlight is trying to schedule a day of just walking around, street photography in the City of Big Shoulders.

This gallery will change semi-annually. Please enjoy.

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5WheatonAON TowerFlag Poles, AON CenterChicago No.4Garden between GiantsGenesis 11:5-7Chicago No.1Apple Store, no.1BikesBirdfeederSelf-PortraitCDA_0008penniesCDA_0087Millenium Park No.1-CloudgateCHICAGO RIVERCDB_0003Summer in the SuburbsChicago, Illinois (1993)