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The Lincoln Highway is a historic, Coast-to-Coast route spanning the United States from East to West, beginning in New York City' Times Square and ending in Lincoln Park, San Francisco.

Because the originators were unwilling to deviate from the original vision; to establish as straight a path across the country as possible at the time (c.1913), the Lincoln Highway bypasses primarily scenic attractions such as National Parks and Landmarks, and passes through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, ultimately ending California.

I learned about the Lincoln Highway initially traveling through Nebraska's panhandle during my ongoing 4042n Project, and became more interested this past summer during a visit to Illinois, when I learned that same stretch of road in western Nebraska also connected Iowa, Illinois and other states before and after.

Having driven from Illinois to Colorado for more than 35years, I finally decided to take the time to travel the Lincoln Highway home to Colorado and see what I could see. That was several years ago, and each ensuing trip reveals a little more about America.

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U.S. Highway 30, The Old Lincoln Highway, rural Illinois (2015)Morrison, Illinois (2015)Morrison, Illinois (2015)Rock Falls, Illinois (2015)Sterling, Illinois (2015)U.S. Highway 30, The Old Lincoln Highway, Rock Falls, Illinois (2015)Rock Falls, Illinois (2015)Wheatland, Iowa (2015)Wheatland, Iowa (2015)Mechanicsville, Iowa (2015)Grand Mound, Iowa (2015)Mechanicsville, Iowa (2015)PBR, Morrison, Illinois (2015)Angel's Truck Stop, Old Lincoln Highway, Rural Illinois (2015)North Platte, Nebraska (2015)North Platte, Nebraska (2015)North Platte, Nebraska (2015)West of North Platte, Nebraska (2015)North Platte, Nebraska (2015)