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I think initially I shied away from black and white photography - and this is ironic - because of Ansel Adams. Like so many of my baby boomer generation had, I grew up admiring his work to the extent that perhaps it intimidated me. I didn’t want to be – nor did the world need - another Ansel Adams. But being the first Me was a more interesting creative pursuit.

2016 will be remembered as the year my eyes were once again opened to the world of creative black and white film photography. Over 30 years had passed since processing my last roll of film in the University of Iowa dark room as a photojournalism major.

Though I considered developing my own film again many times during those years, I put it off for a multitude of - what now seem lame - reasons.

Finally in early 2016 I placed the order for supplies. A few days later the smell of developer, stop bath and fixer filled the studio again and it was very, very good.

Since developing that first roll again any hesitation has long since vanished. Now, black and white film is all I have any creative desire to shoot.

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