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Trading Post, Riverside, Wyoming (2015)North Park, Colorado (2015)Rustic, Cache la Poudre Canyon, Colorado (2015)North Park, Colorado (2015)Carpenter, Wyoming (2014)Crane Hollow Road, Boulder County, Colorado (2014)Allenspark, Colorado (2015)Hanna, Wyoming (2015)North Park, Colorado (2015)Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge, North Park, Colorado (2015)"and it looks like you're gonna have to see me again, Illinois."Cocoa Beach Pier, Cocoa Beach, Florida (2015)Hanna, Wyoming (2015)Harriman, Wyoming (2015)Cache la Poudre Canyon, Larimer County, Colorado (2015)Rock River, Wyoming (2015)Granite, Wyoming (2015)Walden, Jackson County, Colorado (2015)Medicine Bow, Wyoming (2015)Medicine Bow, Wyoming (2015)