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A collection of photographs seeking to inspire the continued use of film.

"...the present is the most difficult period to apprehend; only with distance does the value of certain forms of photography and photo objects become clear." - Joel Smith, curator of photography at the Morgan Library & Museum.

"The farthest star and the muck at our feet are family; and there is no decency or sense in honoring one thing, or a few things, and then closing the list." - Mary Oliver

"An artists talent is found in the power of his individual opinion."- Yusaka Kamekura- Nikon F Camera Designer

“Everything is worth a picture. But nothing is worth more than one frame.” - William Eggleston.

During the ongoing art project of life, this gallery began specific to the F6. Over the years, photographs made with other cameras have been added. The important constant is the content of those four, sometimes intimidating borders - preserved forever on film.

Beginning 2016, all black and white is developed in house. Beginning 2017, most color is also developed in house.

Please enjoy, and feel free to comment.

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Near Pacific, MissouriPacific, Missouri (2017)Iowa City, Iowa (2017)Laramie, Wyoming (2017)Medicine Bow National Forest, Park Range, ColoradoLittle Snake River Valley, Colorado (2017)Arapahoe National Wildlife Refuge, North Park, Colorado (2017)Dixon, Wyoming (2017)Routt County, Colorado (2017)Laramie County, Wyoming (2017)Little Snake River, Wyoming (2017)Yuma, ColoradoRoutt County, Colorado (2017)Routt National Forest, Park Range, ColoradoWyoming State Line, Colorado-Wyoming (2017)Cowboy Wedding, Laramie, Wyoming (2017)Little Snake River Valley, Colorado (2017)Historic Route 66, Villa Ridge, Missouri (2017)Iowa City, Iowa (2017)Wheaton, Illinois (2017)

Guestbook for F6 (+35mm)
Todd Scholton(non-registered)

I love that you keep updating your portfolio with 35mm images, especially ones taken with your F6. I am still learning about the different emulsions, both print and transparency. I really benefit when you list the type of film used as I can learn what each film stock looks like.

Thanks for continuing to shoot film. I get inspired each time I return.
Enrique Fernandez Gandia(non-registered)
Congratulations for share your Impressive work.
Your film captures + scan process got the soul of the light.
Gregory Lewis(non-registered)
I am stepping off the digital merry-go-round where each camera is instantly rendered obsolete by the next model. I get better quality photos in most situations on film. "Blowing the highlights" just never happens and there is a velvet texture to prints from fine-grain film that I prefer. I just want to take photos, not to be confused by hundreds of menu items nor waste hours post-processing RAW files.

As a walk-around camera I need more focus points and a stronger body than my N75. I also need an option for genuine high-speed bursts of two or three shots at the right instant for air shows. The answer for me will be an F6 with the battery grip.

So long as Kodak keeps making Ektar and Portra 400 I won't be buying another digital paperweight. Your site has helped me make this decision. Thanks!
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